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SEO services offered in simple terms. Get More Sales helps you understand exactly what your business website lacks, what's needed to get you on track, and we measure the success in real time, getting you higher rankings, more traffic & more sales.

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Build your brand image and attain top customer engagement with professionally managed social media marketing campaigns.

Monthly Management Fees $300
per month
per month
per month
per month
Social Account Creation
Facebook Page
Twitter Page
Instagram Page
Google My Business Page
Linkedin Company Page
Content Creation 4 Per Month
Social Artwork (Every Two Months) (Monthly)
Cover Image
Content Posting
Updating Posts 4 Per Month 8 Per Month 16 Per Month 24 Per Month
Content (Text) Posting
Content (Image) Posting
Building Audience
Likes & Followers
Sharing In Groups 2 Per Week 4 Per Week 8 Per Week
Use of relevant #tags
Uploading Videos (If applicable)
Custom Facebook Landing Tab
Weekly Reports
Monthly Report

Get More Sales Social Media Services

Social media is a powerful web marketing tool that helps businesses to stay in touch with their prospective customers. In fact, 71% of Internet users are more likely to make a purchase from a brand that they are following on social media such as Twitter or Facebook. Additionally, social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google+ can also dynamically enhance brand exposure and awareness. Search engine platforms such as Google and Bing are now integrating social media updates, profiles, comments and even Tweets in results pages.

The majority of businesses that have an online or social media presence also know that preserving an effective social media presence can require a lot of time, money, and effort. However, working with a reputable and professional social media firm can help you streamline those efforts and boost your return on marketing investment.

Get More Sales offer the following social media marketing services:

  • Detection and assessment of target audience - We help you ascertain who makes up your audience, including geographical region and demographics in order to fully identify your buyer persona and help build a successful campaign that appeals to your target audience and ideal buyers.
  • Formation of effective marketing strategy and execution - Once we have properly identified your audience, then we will create an effective social media marketing plan and campaign that reaches your audience.
  • Regularly scheduled updates as well as news and articles - One crucial task of a effective social media marketing strategy is posting and sharing newsworthy content with your audience. The team of social media experts at Get More Sales will stay up-to-date on any news in your industry as it transpires and make sure this news reaches your audience in a compelling way.
  • Constant social media supervision, including recognition and response - We don’t just post, share or blast material without tracking its performance; our team of social media experts constantly monitor and track the results of our social media work and assess the overall performance of the campaign.
  • Continuous research, tracking, and adaptation to online trends and resources - The digital world continually changes, we receive news, updates, and information more often than ever before. Our team of social media experts will adjust and adapt your strategy according to changing trends, research, and resources, keeping your social media strategy and content fresh.
  • Fostering awareness and support within blogging community and forums - One goal behind social media marketing is to spark the interest of audiences and customers, to encourage awareness, support, and interactions within the social media community, including blogging and forums.
  • Target specific keywords, phrases, and topics relevant to your brand - What makes social media marketing successful is relevancy. We make sure that we are posting and sharing content that uses keywords and topics that are relevant to your brand and industry.
  • Utilization of analytics and data-tracking tools for strategy development - A successful social media marketing strategy is one that is flexible and leaves room for improvement. As our team of social media experts monitors performance by using key data analytics and tracking tools, we will adjust and modify to stay on top of trends, new technology, and updates.